December 19, 2014


The ILS community is made up not only of students but also professional staff, faculty, and mentors who work together to help students be successful while at the University of Maryland.

ILS Staff have offices within LaPlata Hall making them easily accessible to students throughout the day.  Staff members teach ILS courses, provide academic and professional advising, and coordinate service and social programming to enrich each student's college experience.  

ILS Students are the driving force in the evolution of this program.  Each student brings a variety of experiences, interests, and knowledge to the program.  These unique backgrouns help drive the service, research, and social programming that is offered each year.

ILS Fellows are faculty members from the UMD community as well as post-doctoral researchers at the National Institutes of Health. The fellows are directly involved in the academic component of the ILS program through teaching the HLSC courses and assisting in the assessment of the ILS program.

Colloquium speakers are mentors from the university community and wider DC metro area.  Their presentations offer interested ILS students with an opportunity to gain valuable insight about the University of Maryland along with a chance to network with professionals from a variety of fields.