ILS student with her poster at National Institutes of health poster symposium.

The proximity of UMD to numerous federal and non-profit research agencies affords ILS students the opportunity to undertake research in some world class organizations, such as NIH, National Cancer Institute, Smithsonian Institution, USDA-Beltsville, and the J. Craig Venter Institute. Summer internship programs afford students the experience of working with renowned leaders in the fields of biological, biomedical, and ecological research. Each year the ILS staff updates a growing catalog of relevant internship programs in the Baltimore-DC area. This easy-to-read guide directs students to program descriptions and application forms.

Students who wish to conduct research over the summer but who are not local are encouraged to seek research experiences close to their homes. Students can search for relevant undergraduate research opportunities through the following nationwide databases:

ILS program staff can assist students in identifying research opportunities that will further their current professional goals, as well to expand their horizons of what is possible in related fields.