ILS student in a lab on campus.

Students interested in a long-term research experience are encouraged to explore opportunities available on campus at UMD. By working with a faculty mentor on campus, ILS students are able to learn about cutting edge research in their field of interest and can more easily fit research into their schedule during the academic year. 

The university offers undergraduate students a number of ways to become involved with research on campus. Students are encouraged to approach faculty who are conducting interesting research to discuss how they can participate in that research. For suggestions on how to secure an on-campus research experience, visit the Finding a Faculty Research Mentor page on the website for the College of Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences (CMNS).

Students who prefer a more structured research program can apply for any of the following opportunities:

HHMI Fellowships for Undergraduate Research allow students the opportunity to work directly with a faculty mentor while experiencing the investigative process and demonstrating their aptitude for research. The Biological Sciences (BSCI) program at UM has been recognized for its excellence in undergraduate research by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Thus, over the last decade, the BSCI program has awarded over 300 prestigious HHMI Fellowships for Undergraduate Research to UM undergraduates. This fellowship requires that students have already identified a research mentor and have a well-developed research plan. HHMI applicants are typically already working in a UM laboratory before they apply for the HHMI Fellowship. These fellowships provide up to $6,000 in stipend support for up to one year.

Maryland Center for Undergraduate Student Researcher offers students the opportunity to assist faculty members with scholarly research over the semester, spending 4 to 6 hours a week working under the direction of their faculty mentor. The MSR program compiles a database of faculty members seeking student volunteers and offers research experience across all disciplines.

Maryland Summer Scholars Program  provides funding support for undergraduate students to enhance their academic experience by spending the summer working closely with University of Maryland, College Park faculty mentors on scholarly research.  Maryland Summer Scholars may research on the College Park campus or elsewhere in the U.S. or abroad as required by the nature of the project. To be eligible students must have completed a minimum of 60 credits prior to the summer they intend to apply for.