Advising for current students

ILS offers the individualized advising necessary to take full advantage of academic, research, and service opportunities available on the UMD campus and in the metro-DC area. ILS students are encouraged to reflect on how their current experiences are shaping their future academic, professional, and personal goals. 

ILS students at an ice cream social.

During the fall semester of a student's first year, advising begins with a facilitated discussion in the introductory 1-credit course HLSC100 with Section Leaders.  Each Section Leader team is comprised of two upperclass ILS students who can speak from their own experience on navigating the challenges of time management, major selection, course recommendations, and managing research.

Each first-year student is required to meet individually with the Assistant Director or Associate Director to discuss academic and experiential goals for the upcoming semester and for the future. These individualized advising sessions ensure that each student has the opportunity to customize their ILS experience to their individual goals.  As students prepare to look for a research internship, they are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Associate Director to discuss various options.

ILS students can schedule an appointment with any ILS staff member to review their progress in the program, discuss changes to their studies and goals, or talk about whatever is on the student's mind.  

To book an appointment please click on the name of the appropriate person below. Please note that there are different locations for advising depending on whom you are meeting with.

*Book your appointments at least 48 hours in advance so we have time to prepare for you.*

Advisor Title Specialty
Todd Cooke Director,
Integrated Life Sciences
Individualized advising for next semester and professional development. Todd has expertise in science careers and professional development.
Appointments in 2206 HJ Patterson Building.
Zabrina Anzyl Assistant Director, Integrated Life Sciences Individualized advising for next semester, and professional development. Zabrina has additional expertise in student health and wellness.
Appointments in 1115 LaPlata Hall.
Sabrina Kramer Associate Director, Integrated Life Sciences Individualized advsing for next semester and professional development. Sabrina has additional expertise in sceience education, higher education, and professional development.
Appointments in 1107 LaPlata Hall.
Rachel Blayney Advisor,
Integrated Life Sciences
Individualized advsing for next semester and professional development. Rachel has additional expertise in public health and epidemiology.
Appointments in 1103 LaPlata Hall.

Letter of recommendation and reference requests

Current ILS students may request letters of recommendation and references for their pursuit of graduate and professional school, internships, research opportunities, scholarships, and employment. (If you are an ILS alumnus, please contact your desired recommender directly). Students must give a minimum of two weeks notice prior to the deadline for their requests, and earlier requests are always preferred.

In order to request a letter from ILS staff, click this link to be directed to an online request form. You will need an updated copy of your CV or resume, your UID, and the deadline, contact information, and description of the opportunity you are requesting a letter for. Please note: if you would like multiple letters, you must submit multiple requests, so make sure to save your answers in a separate document. Additionally, the ILS staff team writes one letter per opportunity you are applying for, though joint letters are available. For example, Dr. Cooke will write you a letter for graduate school, OR Dr. Cooke and Dr. Kramer will write a joint letter, but you will not get one letter from Dr. Cooke AND a letter from Dr. Kramer for the same opportunity.